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Solar PV Systems

Solar panels have been around for decades, so their safety and reliability has been proven and their performance is guaranteed for 25 years.

Solar PV panels produce electricity by harnessing energy from UV rays, even on cloudy days. They are one of the most easily accessible renewable energy systems on the market as they provide a relatively low-cost option and if utilising roof tops, they don’t take up much space either. Turn your rooftops and/or land into money-making solar power stations, by benefitting from the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) that pays you for every kWh of electricity produced from your system.

Solar PV Systems

Warehouses, office blocks, farm buildings, poultry units, fields and waste or contaminated land are all prime for solar development. Ecotec Services will conduct a site survey and assessment to ensure you get the most cost-effective and financially beneficial system design for your business. Our expert team will manage every step of the process, so you can continue to focus on your core business activities.


  • Your electricity bills will be significantly reduced.
  • For every kWh of electricity you generate, you will receive money from the Government’s Feed-in-Tariff, every year for 20 years.
  • You’ll typically see a return on your investment within 4-6 years.
  • Solar panels require little to no maintenance.
  • Their safety and performance is guaranteed for 20 years.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and enhance your environmental credentials.
Solar PV Systems

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