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1MW Biomass Boiler System

“Payback and profitability with the system is immense,
I thought it was too good to be true until I started seeing the results.”

Key Benefits

  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions
  • Fast payback = 2.3 years
  • Annual fuel savings = £25,000
  • Annual RHI earnings = £104,105
  • Projected ROI after 20 years = £2,376,219

The Challenge

The Drew family have been producing tomatoes and salads for over 50 years at Haven Nurseries in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside.

The existing coal and oil-fired boiler systems, used to heat the three greenhouses were old, inefficient and becoming extremely costly to run. To reduce energy costs and increase the business’ sustainability, an alternative solution was essential. Space on the site to accommodate a new boiler system and fuel store was very limited, so a bespoke solution was required.

Additional Benefits

By selecting Ecotec, Haven benefitted from:

  • Ecotec’s unrivalled knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • A bespoke design that gave them access to one of the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy systems on the market, despite their space constraints.
  • Significant cost savings and minimal disruption to operations as a result of Ecotec’s innovative approach, utilising and refurbishing existing pipework.
  • Their permit and RHI applications being taken care of, which enabled them to continue to focus on their core business activities.

Haven Nurseries found further operational benefits:

  • A more efficient system allows better climate control and ventilation, therefore less humidity and damp, resulting in fewer crops lost to disease.
  • A more cost-effective fuel means that tomatoes can now be produced all year round.
  • Complete peace of mind, knowing that their system is well looked after, operating at optimum efficiency with Ecotec’s comprehensive maintenance and call out services.

“I chose Ecotec Services as I felt the most confidence with their proposed solution, I liked their entirely bespoke design, their quote was the most competitive and they had been highly recommended by a professional body… I am extremely pleased with how the boiler was installed, the installation was perfect. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and I would use Ecotec again for another install.”
Paul Drew at Haven Nurseries

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