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Breakthrough for Independent Waste Management Companies

Breakthrough for Independent Waste Management Companies

Ecotec Services Ltd have recently commissioned two new small-scale waste to energy plants, the first in the UK, which are fully WID compliant and permitted for use to burn grade C waste wood.

Large-scale, multi-million-pound Waste to Energy incineration plants have been in existence for many years, but Ecotec Services have permitted, designed, supplied and installed the first, affordable and fully IED (WID) compliant Waste to Energy Systems for independent waste management companies in the UK. These systems allow grade A, B and C waste wood to be safely and legally burned, as they have a unique filtration system that captures and kills all obnoxious emissions.

Mike Wall, Director at Ecotec Services said “this is quite a breakthrough for independent waste management companies, rather than wasting money on disposing of waste wood, our customers can now generate energy and an income from it. By handling it independently, these companies can significantly reduce costs and carbon emissions in transporting these materials around. This changes everything, we will soon see a big change in the way the UK handles these ‘waste’ products.”

He continued “Ecotec took care of everything, we handled the permitting, designed, supplied and installed the systems and have provided them together with a full maintenance and service package with a call out support facility; giving our clients a full turn-key solution and confidence in their investment.”

The systems are eligible for the Governments RHI scheme and will provide a return on investment within 3 years. Mike added “Generating heat and electricity, our system is true waste to energy. The team at Ecotec have carefully selected the equipment that is used in our system to ensure a long life and minimal operating input from our clients, this ensures they are able to concentrate on their core business leaving Ecotec to maintain their asset.”

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