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3-Way Partnership Increases Opportunity for Independent Waste Management Companies

3-Way Partnership Increases Opportunity for Independent Waste Management Companies

Exclusive deal between Ecotec, Justsen and WOODCO increases energy-independence and diversification opportunities for Waste Management Companies.

Ecotec Services Ltd have just signed an exclusive deal with Danish company Justsen and European company WOODCO Energy, manufacturers and distributors of the new Grade C burning WID-compliant biomass boiler system, a system collaboratively designed by Ecotec Services Ltd and Justsen.

Gerard Crosse, Commercial Director at WOODCO Energy said “We are delighted to collaborate with Ecotec Services in the distribution of our WID compliant boilers. Our shared experience and expertise in both boiler manufacturing and installation brings a compelling proposition to clients in the waste management sector.”

Ecotec Services Ltd were the first and still are the only company so far in the UK to have successfully designed, installed and commissioned, fully permitted, compliant and legal Small Scale Waste Incineration Plant (SSWIP) boiler systems that can safely and legally burn grade C waste wood. This cuts out all costs normally associated with the disposal of waste wood grades A, B and C. An even greater advantage of such a system is that the waste management companies can then use the heat they’re producing from the system to dry and reduce the weight materials, which provides huge cost savings every year.

“Uptake of this technology by waste management companies has, unsurprisingly, been incredibly popular, so we had to explore other options and source a new manufacturer in order to meet this demand. Our collaboration with WOODCO Energy and Justsen means we can expedite lead times and fulfil customer needs quicker. With the RHI tariffs being reviewed and decreased on a quarterly basis, this also creates a certain haste around getting these systems installed and operating as soon as possible for our customers” explained Mike Wall, Director at Ecotec Services.

Waste management companies that invest in these systems will effectively be turning their grade C waste wood into a profitable commodity and new income stream for 20 years via the Government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. The amount of heat generated by these systems is immense and can be used for drying floors to reduce waste to landfill, heating buildings and offices, even allowing them to produce their own electricity. It has also led to companies looking for new ways to best utilise any surplus heat, which has led them to new business and diversification opportunities.

Mike added “It’s important to remember that there is a difference between a WID compliant boiler and a WID compliant system. Unfortunately, there are some installers out there installing (IED) WID compliant biomass boilers, but not complete (IED) WID compliant systems and therefore the customers are risking their health and their livelihoods. The Environmental Agency are tightening up their regulations and auditing, to ensure the emissions from waste-burning sites are safe and within legal limits.

We are still the only company in UK to successfully design, install and commission, fully permitted, compliant and legal systems that can safely and legally burn the grade C waste wood.”

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